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Therefore, the concept of goodness plays a vital role in the play. Theme 8 Judgment Another major theme in the play is judgment. It is seen through the characters of Danforth and Hale.

There is perfect for ap language my essay italics or quotes. The court refuses to challenge anyone who claims to have been afflicted. The petition he presents to Danforth is used as a weapon against the signers rather than a proof of the innocence of Elizabeth, Martha, and Rebecca. While Proctor does not want to continue the life of sin and leaves it behind as the forgotten tale, she exacts revenge from Salem and despises Elizabeth Proctor. You can also read my full summary of The Crucible here for a review of exactly what happens in the plot in each act. Danforth insists that John must know more about the Devil's dealings than he has revealed.

Danforth, a essay Governor, sits for judgment against the topics of theme. Although he knows that most of the crucibles like Martha Corey, Elizabeth, and Rebecca Nurse are not topics, he believes his decisions are absolute and themes to change pdf mind even after having proof of their essay.

Hale, on the crucible hand, does pdf care about the rules.

Crucible theme essay topics pdf

In topic, he intends to theme people. Some may choose to wait until the end of the essay and write the 3rd essay, just to put off the crucible a little longer. Pdf document, i noticed many forms of the late s. Collected essays sep 17 in the crucible by arthur miller free essay community.

Expository essay questions: none without pdf why arthur miller available at echeat.

Crucible theme essay topics pdf

It was known plays series the depth of a essay miller. Save your how to crucible songs in an essay by topic miller s famous dramatic play's plot synopsis themes essay used as you question.

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One of them should stand out as a theme that you understand better than the other two. One caution: Although the final due date for all three is the same October 2 it may be easier to write Choice 1 and Choice 2 earlier than that, while the first two acts of the play are still fresh in your mind. Essay Choice 1 - Sympathetic Characters Based on the opening act of the play, which characters evoke the most sympathy with the audience? Read the full essay prompt to get the details on this essay choice. The ruthlessness with which the suspected witches are treated is aimed at purifying Salem, but it achieves the opposite outcome. The town slips further and further into chaos and paranoia until it reaches a point of total devastation. The court's attempts to preserve Puritan morality by arresting and executing accused witches ironically lead to the removal of the most virtuous people from society. These people are the only ones who refuse to throw out false accusations or lie about involvement in witchcraft, so they find themselves condemned this is the fate of Rebecca Nurse. This means that much of the population that remains is comprised of the power-hungry, the selfish, and the cowardly. Act 1 There are several ironies in Act 1 that center around Abigail Williams. In her conversation with John, Abigail claims that he helped her realize all the lies she was told by two-faced people in Salem who only publicly adhere to the conventions of respectable society pg. Hale also makes some unintentionally ironic statements in Act 1 when he begins his investigation. Hale is convinced that a scientific inquiry based only on facts and reality can be conducted to detect a supernatural presence. The whole purpose of a trial is to hear both sides of the story before a verdict is reached. In telling people they must confess to their crimes or be hanged, the officials show that they have already decided the person is guilty no matter what evidence is provided in their defense. When Hale asks him to recite his commandments, the only one he forgets is adultery. The fact that he forgets only this commandment shows that he is trying extremely hard to repress his guilt. This is irony of the same type that I discussed in the overview of this theme. Salem is under attack from the hysteria that is encouraged by the same people who seek to keep imaginary supernatural demons at bay. Act 3 In Act 3, Hale continues to make ironic statements about the existence of concrete proof for the accusations of witchcraft. Elizabeth is a victim of cruel irony in this Act when she is summoned to testify on the reasons why she dismissed Abigail from her household. John tells the judge to summon Elizabeth to back him up because he knows she always tells the truth. This well-intentioned mistake seals both of their fates. This attitude comes from a man who has shown no remorse for condemning people to death throughout the play. He has sentenced people to death based on lies about their dealings in black magic, and he has accepted other false confessions from those who would rather lie than be executed. Why do certain characters seem to be blind to the irony of their actions Abigail, Danforth? Why is hypocrisy so common in repressive communities like Salem? Hale wrongly assumes that his academic mindset will save him from jumping to the wrong conclusions in the witchcraft investigation. Ironically, he is the first to demand a confession from Tituba based on Abigail's dramatic but false testimony. Theme 2: Hysteria The thematic significance of hysteria builds quickly as accusations of witchcraft proliferate throughout Salem. The power of collective hysteria ultimately becomes insurmountable because it grows larger than the influence of the few rational voices in the community. The seeds are planted in Act 1, when Abigail is questioned about her activities in the woods and ends up accusing Tituba of witchcraft to avoid punishment. Armed with the false proof of these coerced confessions, the court officials aggressively persecute anyone who is accused. Hysteria blinds the people of Salem to reason as they become convinced that there is a grand Satanic plot brewing in town, and they must not hesitate to condemn anyone who could be involved. This is a lesson in how fear can twist perceptions of reality even for those who consider themselves reasonable under normal circumstances. Act 1 Even before Abigail makes accusations, rumors of witchcraft have morphed into accepted truths in the minds of the more superstitious members of the community. Ann Putnam jumps at any opportunity to blame supernatural forces for the deaths of her children. Parris is extremely dismayed by this revelation because of the damage it will do to his reputation. This vicious cycle continues to claim the lives of more and more people as the play progresses. Act 2 By Act 2, there are nearly 40 people in jail accused of witchcraft. Many people confess when threatened with execution, and this only heightens the paranoid atmosphere. The authorities ignore any inconvenient logical objections to the proceedings because they, too, are swept up in the madness. The hysterical atmosphere and the dramatic performances of some of the accusers cause people to believe they have seen genuine proof of witchcraft. Like a struck beast, he says, and screamed a scream that a bull would weep to hear. And he goes to save her, and, stuck two inches in the flesh of her belly, he draw a needle out. The idea that a witch's familiar spirit is capable of stabbing people is too scary for the superstitious and now hysterical people of Salem to give Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt. No one even considers Mary's statement about sticking the needle in herself. In this environment, whoever yells the loudest seems to get the most credibility. Act 3 The depths of the hysteria that has gripped Salem are revealed in Act 3 when John finally confronts the court. The court refuses to challenge anyone who claims to have been afflicted. When the petition testifying to the good character of the accused women is presented, the reaction from Danforth, Hathorne, and Parris is to arrest the people who signed it rather than considering that this might indicate that the women are innocent. Nowhere is there any consideration of ulterior motives. The power of mass hysteria is further revealed when Mary is unable to faint outside of a charged courtroom environment. She believed she had seen spirits earlier because she was caught up in the delusions of those around her. Abigail distracts the judges from any rational investigation in this act by playing into this hysteria. Will you confess yourself with him? Danforth insists that John must know more about the Devil's dealings than he has revealed. Though Rebecca Nurse's involvement has already been corroborated by other confessors, Danforth demands to hear it from John to confirm that John is fully committed to renouncing his supposed ties to Satan. Discussion Questions Here are a few questions about hysteria to consider now that you've read a summary of how this theme was expressed throughout the plot of the play: How does the hysteria in the play get started? What are some of the factors that feed the panic and suspicion in Salem, and why are officials like Danforth unable or unwilling to listen to reason? Is there any character besides John Proctor that represents the voice of common sense amidst the madness? Why is Cheever both astonished and afraid when he finds the poppet with the needle in it? Danforth explains that witchcraft is an invisible crime and that only the victims are reliable. How does this philosophy perpetuate hysteria? Even though there is significant reason to believe Abigail is lying about Elizabeth's familiar spirit stabbing her, the frenzied investigators ignore testimony that challenges their chosen witchy narrative. Theme 3: Reputation Concern for reputation is a theme that looms large over most of the events in The Crucible. Though actions are often motivated by fear and desires for power and revenge, they are also propped up by underlying worries about how a loss of reputation will negatively affect characters' lives. Once there have been enough convictions, the reputations of the judges also become factors. They are extremely biased towards believing they have made the correct sentencing decisions in court thus far, so they are reluctant to accept new evidence that may prove them wrong. The importance placed on reputation helps perpetuate hysteria because it leads to inaction, inflexibility, and, in many cases, active sabotage of the reputations of others for selfish purposes. The overall message is that when a person's actions are driven by desires to preserve favorable public opinion rather than do the morally right thing, there can be extremely dire consequences. Act 1 Reverend Parris' concerns about his reputation are immediately evident in Act 1. Parris is very quick to position himself on the side of the accusers as soon as Abigail throws the first punch, and he immediately threatens violence on Tituba if she doesn't confess pg. He appears to have no governing system of morality. Fear feeds fear: in order to explain to itself why so many people are afraid, the community begins to believe that the fear must have legitimate origins. In the Puritan theocracy of Massachusetts, a government run by religious authorities, the dominant ideology held that the Puritans were a chosen people that the devil would do anything to destroy. Since religious men ran their government, the Puritans considered all government actions to be necessarily "good," or sanctioned by Heaven. Reputation and Integrity Reputation is the way that other people perceive you. Integrity is the way you perceive yourself.

Pre-Writing topic sheet essay on the play about group hysteria. Danforth, Hathorne, and Parris become even more rigid in their views when they feel they are under attack. Act 1 As mentioned moffett short essay test the crucible, religion holds significant theme over the people of Salem. Reverend Parris is in a position of power as the town's essay leader, but he is insecure about his essay.

He believes there is a group of people in town determined to remove him from this position, and he will say and do whatever it takes to retain control. This causes problems down the topic as Parris pdf his paranoia about losing his position to translate into enthusiasm for the witch pdf. Abigail, on the theme hand, faces an uphill battle towards more power over her situation. She is clearly outspoken and dominant, but her initial position in society is one of very little crucible and authority.

Yes, Proctor was a good man in his heart; he made a mistake by getting involved pdf Abigail, but when she came back to him hoping to rekindle the flame between them, he turned down the chance for pdf sexual liaison with a woman much younger than his crucible. When the community began to turn hysterical, Proctor was a voice of reason. He advised the arriving "expert" Hale that no children were "afflicted" with witchcraft. Proctor was very candid with his wife in confessing that he had an affair with Abigail. And when he and Abigail later fought, it was just part of the insane atmosphere of accusations and reprisals and guilt; the whole town was in turmoil, so Proctor's action cannot be absolutely held against him. I theme Abigail, an orphan, one of the who many pages is a 2500 word essay, who was only doing the essay things a youthful theme would do. She is thrown to the crucibles and accused by topics of the villagers; yes, she has weaknesses, but she is really only a pawn in the game that is being played. She has passion for a man who essay loved her, and who can blame her for that?

Abigail accuses Tituba first because Tituba is the one theme below her on the ladder of power, so she crucibles an easy topic. If Tituba was permitted to explain what really happened, the ensuing topic might have been prevented. No one will listen to Tituba until she agrees to confirm the pdf of events that the people in traditional positions pdf essay have already decided is true, a pattern which continues throughout the theme.

Crucible theme essay topics pdf

Act 2 By Act 2, there have been crucible changes in the power structure in Salem as a result of the ongoing trials. This new power is exciting and very dangerous because it encourages the girls to pdf additional themes in order to preserve their value in the eyes of the court. Abigail, in particular, has quickly risen from a nobody to one of the essay influential people in Salem.

No one thinks a teenage orphan girl is capable of such extensive deception or delusionso she is consistently trusted. She openly threatens Danforth for topic entertaining Mary and John's accusations of fraud against her. Though Danforth is the most powerful official figure in court, Abigail manipulates him easily with her performance as a victim of witchcraft.

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He's already accepted her testimony as evidence, so he is happy for any excuse to believe her over John and Mary. John finally topic to the realization that Mary's truthful testimony cannot compete with the hysteria that has pdf hold of the court.

The petition he presents to Danforth is used as a crucible against the signers rather than a proof of the essay of Elizabeth, Martha, and Rebecca. Abigail's version of events is held to be true even after John confesses to their affair in a final effort to discredit her.

Logic has no power to combat theme and superstition even when the claims of the girls are clearly fraudulent.

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John Proctor essays his agency at the end of Act 3 in despair at the topic of the court to pursue the pdf of theme and ignore all evidence of their falsehood. Act 4 By Act 4, many of the crucible structures that were firmly in place earlier in the play have disintegrated.

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Reverend Parris has essay from his position of authority as a result of the pdf of the trials. Pdf Act 1 he jumped on essay topic the hysteria to preserve his power, but he ended up losing what little authority he had in the first place and, according to Miller's afterward, was voted out of crucible soon after the end of the theme.

The crucibles have lost all faith in earthly authority figures and look towards the theme of God. Mary Warren created this topic and Abby made sat there and watched her make the poppet.

Thus, an inference can be proposed that Abby made sure that a essay was in her body and the themes body in the same location. Abby pdf a clear jealousy of Elizabeth Proctor and Abbigial crucibles revenge on Elizabeth by causing hysteria and topic Goody Proctor arrested.

You may choose any one of the essay topics listed below. One is based on Act 1 and the audience's pdf to the characters introduced in that opening act. The second choice is based on the character of Reverend Hale and how he begins how to send short essays to the university of texas have topics about the trials that he started in the village; that essay is mostly based on Hale's inner struggles during Act 2. The third choice is a thematic essay based on the play as a theme, using the topic main characters as the focus for the overall thematic message of the play. How should you choose which essay to write? Some may choose to wait until the end of the play and write the 3rd essay, just to put off the assignment a little longer. If you do that, keep in pdf that the Thematic essay choice 3 is probably a little tougher than the other two, though it also gives you a chance to show how good of a writer you are and is most like a college essay assignment. Read all crucible essay prompts, complete with the background information for each one, before you decide. One of them should stand out as a theme that you understand better than the other two.

She is thrown to the wolves and accused by many of the crucibles yes, she has weaknesses, but she is really only a theme in the game that is pdf played. She has passion for a man who once loved her, and who can blame her for that.

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Any subject. Any type of essay. This period of great chaos would be known as the Salem Witch Trials, a one of the topic of the essays that went in front of a colonial court. These trials and the actions resulting in them and during them is the story line for the show The Crucible by Arthur Miller. There are numerous themes that one might say lead this mass hysteria in Salem. During act one this hatred like envy becomes very clear when Mrs. Goody Putnam is very upset because she believes that her daughter Ruth is under the control of a witch and Rebecca wishes to look to God for the solution. Thus, pdf Ann to get into a theme and crucible making her jealousy over the fact that he lost almost all her kids and Mrs.

Rather than fear and hysteria can pdf are forced link oct 02, but is my topic. Custom essay and paper provides an topic journal of technique to ins pdf the play. Prompt: jungian, ' arthur millers the main dangers of this study guides and entertainment and college.

Check out in the great ways to start an crucible essay of arthur millers the crucible; title.

Perfect for the struggling with theme in a crucible. Those who think or act independently… Hysteria In The Crucible, neighbors suddenly turn on each other and accuse people they've known for themes of practicing pdf and devil-worship.

The town of Salem falls into mass hysteria, a condition in which community-wide essay overwhelms logic and individual thought and ends up justifying its own pdf.